More Chicken (Yes, I like chicken so much I’m writing another post about it)

Right now there’s a great smell wafting from the oven.  I’m baking a big pan of chicken drumettes (the cute miniature ones) and soon I’m going to add barbecue sauce from one of my favorite cooking shops,

It has maple in it and has a great smokey sweet flavor my whole family loves. I bet your family will love it too.


Reading Terminal

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was great. One day I went to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. It’s like a food-lovers paradise with great things to see, eat, and buy!

I made a stop at a great bookstore called the Cookbook Stall ( The owner was so nice and the selection of books was amazing!  I got one called Insanewiches by a fellow blogger named Adrian Fiorino ( It’s full of crazy sandwiches shaped like Rubiks Cubes and hamburgers. I can’t wait to make some!

I  bought all kinds of pickles at an Amish stand and a box of delicious homemade chocolate at the massive candy counter.  There are bakeries, fishmongers (one had the hugest shrimp I ever saw–it weighed almost a pound!), produce stores, butchers and more. If I lived nearby, I would get all my groceries there.

Before I left I had a great lunch at one of the many restaurants (every ethnic cuisine you can think of, but I chose a fresh hot turkey sandwich with homemade mashed potatoes) and had a pumpkin ice cream cone at Bassetts, which is a famous, old ice cream brand that has been in the same family for generations.

The Reading Terminal Market is definitely worth the trip!!