Salumeria Rosi–The Best Italian Restaurant on the Upper West Side!

Remember when I told you that we were going to take a bunch of great field trips during summer camp at Bank Street?

Today we went to one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to.

The food was amazing, the customer service was great, and the atmosphere was homey and inviting.

I asked so many questions about the food and the staff answered every one knowledgebly.

I tasted almost everything on the menu, which includes many artisan salamis, cheeses, and pastas and the best little bits of puff pastry filled with meats and herbs.

If you have a chance, I have to insist that you go. You’ll love it too!

You are probably wondering the name of this wonderful restaurant–it’s Salumeria Rosi at 283 Amstersdam Ave.

Who runs this wonderful place of fabulous food and exceptional service? It’s Cesare Casella! Here’s a picture of this mastermind of Italian cooking:


To learn more, visit their Web site at

Thank you Mr. Casella and your whole incredible staff for one of the best Italian meals imaginable!