Get Ready For The Almost-Summer Sundae Celebration


Starting next Monday, I’ll be doing a full week of awesome recipes for homemade ice cream and sundae toppings. It’s the  Almost-Summer Sundae Celebration! And it wouldn’t be a celebration without a great, new contest, so any day next week, simply leave a comment and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a super mystery prize! (You can probably guess that it’ll be sundae related!!)

I use a Cuisinart ice cream maker that I got on for under $50. The nice thing about it is that you can keep the canister insert in your freezer at all times, so you’re ready to make ice cream or frozen yogurt at a moment’s notice, with no messy salt or ice!

So–what’s your favorite kind of sundae? Mine’s hot fudge!

5 thoughts on “Get Ready For The Almost-Summer Sundae Celebration

  1. Karen Duda

    I haven’t actually tried it yet, but this summer I’m going to Jahn’s for the Kitchen Sink. Jahn’s was a mini-chain in New York but now there is only one left, in Jackson Heights, Queens and they make their own ice cream. The menu says the Kitchen Sink should be shared by eight or more people!

  2. Enid Lotstein

    My favorite ice cream is coffee. Our favorite place to find it is the multiple choices in Ocean City, NJ on and off the boardwalk.

  3. Mindy

    Mine is hot fudge with whipped cream and coffee ice cream. Bayla prefers it with Mint Chip and Raven likes real fresh strawberry ice cream.

  4. Tracy

    Perfect timing for ice cream with all the hot weather. My favorite ice cream is either Death by Chocolate or Keeny Beeny from the Penn State creamery (the ones who taught Ben & Jerry how to make ice cream). But for sundaes, I like the classic vanilla, hot fudge and whipped cream!

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