Lots To Report

I had a great weekend at the pop-up Super Duper Market in Chelsea. There were so many great people and vendors there!

I met the awesome cartoonist Maira Kalman, who was there because she illustrated a very useful book about healthy and delicious food. I also met AndrewAndrew–yes it’s two guys but one name. I think they are mainly DJs and performers but they also bake the cutest cookies in the world!! I meant to take a picture of the one I got, but I was too busy eating it!

I met Neesa Peterson, who owns Imperial Woodpecker Sno-balls at 124 MacDougall St. Her New Orleans-style snow cones were so fluffy and refreshing, they would have been good even without syrup, but we had pear! Delicious! (You can check her out at www.iwsnoballs.com)

Speaking of delicious, my friend isaac and I ate two whole bags of King County beef jerky (www.kingcountyjerky.com). It was VERY good.

Did you know you can get Montral-style bagels right in NYC? I didn’t until I saw Mile End Deli at the Super Duper Market. I plan on visiting their store at 53 Bond. St. one day soon.

There were so many other great products there. These are just a few. Thanks to Paper Magazine for organizing it! I hope they do it again! BUT . . .

The fun didn’t stop after the weekend. On Monday, my camp group visited Eataly in the Flatiron District. It’s a huge Italian marketplace and restaurant complex. I might dream about the fresh, homemade mozzarella we sampled!


ONE LAST THING: Don’t forget that I’ll be using random.org to pick a winner in the summertime “veggie” contest later this week. If you haven’t already entered, you still have time!

Summer is Happiness



Summer IS Happiness!! And wouldn’t winning a cool prize from EveInTheKitchen make summer that much better? Well–I think so!

At camp, we’re visiting a bunch of the city’s green markets, including the enormous one at Union Square. The fruits and vegetables look like works of art, and the sellers are so knowledgable and friendly.  So this week’s awsome prize is something vegetable-related . . . I promise you’ll love it! Just leave a comment on the blog or like it on Facebook to enter.

Good luck–and remember–you never know what’s going to “turnip” on EveInTheKitchen!

Salumeria Rosi–The Best Italian Restaurant on the Upper West Side!

Remember when I told you that we were going to take a bunch of great field trips during summer camp at Bank Street?

Today we went to one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever been to.

The food was amazing, the customer service was great, and the atmosphere was homey and inviting.

I asked so many questions about the food and the staff answered every one knowledgebly.

I tasted almost everything on the menu, which includes many artisan salamis, cheeses, and pastas and the best little bits of puff pastry filled with meats and herbs.

If you have a chance, I have to insist that you go. You’ll love it too!

You are probably wondering the name of this wonderful restaurant–it’s Salumeria Rosi at 283 Amstersdam Ave.

Who runs this wonderful place of fabulous food and exceptional service? It’s Cesare Casella! Here’s a picture of this mastermind of Italian cooking:


To learn more, visit their Web site at www.SalumeriaRosi.com

Thank you Mr. Casella and your whole incredible staff for one of the best Italian meals imaginable!

An Update

Hello and welcome back to Eve in the Kitchen!

As I’m writing this, school just ended a few hours ago. I’m so excited for the summer! (That’s why I’m planning to give away lots of fun prizes over the next few months, so stay tuned!)

I will be going to summer camp. Not just any summer camp! A culinary summer camp!

Now, you might be asking yourself why I’m telling you this–what does it matter what I do over the summer? I’ll tell you why! During this summer camp session, I’ll be going behind the scenes at many popular places–like Fairway (for those of you who don’t live in NY, that’s the greatest market in the world) and Stone Barns, a farm upstate!

I will be telling you lots of things I learn on those trips and how our food is handled–from the field to the grocery shelves! Keep reading Eve in the Kitchen to find out more!

And meanwhile–here’s a picture of some nice crisp lettice (romaine and buttercrunch) that I picked from my backyard garden. We’ll be eating a lot of salad this week!

Time For A Review

If you’re ever on the Upper West Side, you have to try a new shop called Chocolate Works! It’s at 641 Amsterdam Ave. You can call them at 212-799-3630 or visit them on the Web at www.ChocolateWorksNYC.com

They have everything from homemade fudge to massive replicas of the Mona Lisa made from PURE CHOCOLATE. There’s a chocolate fountain where you can pay to dip a piece of fruit or marshmallow, a conveyor belt to watch, a counter for frozen yogurt and much, much more!

There’s a party room in the back, and THEY GIVE WORKSHOPS TOO. My friend  and I (see the picture above) took one on Mother’s Day and made a chocolate jewel box and chocolate jewels. It was so much fun! The workers are all so nice and our projects came out great.

I’m definitely going to go back! Everyone should give it a try! If you love chocolate (and who doesn’t) you can’t go wrong! (Also–anyone who knows me knows how much I love cats. Guess what I bought before we left–a big chocolate cat. It’s so cute I haven’t even eaten it yet!)

In the pictures below you can see the conveyer belt and there’s also one of me with the awesome store manager, Natalie.

Chocolate World Expo

Were there ever three words that went better together than Chocolate World Expo?! That’s where I spent my weekend, and it was heavenly!

Here are some of the highlights:

WEIRD AND WONDERFUL: It’s a tie between the chocolate-covered bacon from Bacon Bites (www.baconbites.com) and the chocolate-covered picles from Picklelicious (www.picklelicious.com).

The Bacon Bites booth was decorated with adorable stuffed pigs (their mascot) and the pickle people had a live mascot in a pickle suit roaming the hall giving out samples. Lots of fun!

BEST PRODUCT NAME: Again it’s a toss-up. We bought some wonderful spicy pineapple salsa at Tortured Orchard (www.torturedorchard.com) and I also loved “Fretzels.” No–they’re not worried pretzels–they’re hand-dipped pretzels made by chef Jill FRECHTMAN. (Get it? Visit her at www.fretzels.com)

NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION: The expo organizers didn’t forget our four-legged friends. The Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuit Company had plenty to choose from. (And they have a Facebook page, so you can give them a thumb or paw up!)

HEALTHIEST: Surprise–Chocolate can be healthy! Founded by Vanessa Barg, a nutitionist who wanted to make sure her clients didn’t have to give up their favorite foods, the company Gnosis (www.GnosisChocolate.com) employs such exotic ingredients as herbs from Himalaya, goji berries, and algae! Vanessa isn’t known as Chocolate Girl for nothing!

FRIENDLIEST EMPLOYEES: The folks from Pika’s Farm Table came to the expo with chocolate-covered waffles, quiches, potpies, ansd the friendliest employees imaginable. Everything tastes better when it’s served with a smile! (A big shout-out to everyone at the Gnosis booth too–their big, healthy smiles were great to see!)

PRETTIEST: Rogue Confections are edible works of art! See for yourself at www.RogueConfections.com

HOMIEST: If you can’t get to Auntie Els in Sloatsburg, NY, you can visit their Facebook page for some of the yummiest candies and baked goods around.

BEST FOR BREAKFAST: Some people might go for the crunchy granola in a bunch of great flavors from Platte Grove Naturals. A more whimsical choice might be the maple-flavored cotton candy from Breezie Maples Farm. (OK–I know you’d never eat cotton candy for breakfast, but it’s tempting. They make lots of other maple products too!)

OTHER DELICIOUS STUFF: Too much too mention, but check out 5th Ave. Chocolatiere, the Pastryarch (he’s very cute!), Pittsburgh Goodies, and the Chocolate Swirl, among others.

Vendors–if I didn’t mention you, that doesn’t mean I didn’t love you. Feel free to leave a comment below and let my readers know your location or Web site!

Reading Terminal

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Mine was great. One day I went to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. It’s like a food-lovers paradise with great things to see, eat, and buy!

I made a stop at a great bookstore called the Cookbook Stall (www.thecookbookstall.com). The owner was so nice and the selection of books was amazing!  I got one called Insanewiches by a fellow blogger named Adrian Fiorino (www.insanewiches.com). It’s full of crazy sandwiches shaped like Rubiks Cubes and hamburgers. I can’t wait to make some!

I  bought all kinds of pickles at an Amish stand and a box of delicious homemade chocolate at the massive candy counter.  There are bakeries, fishmongers (one had the hugest shrimp I ever saw–it weighed almost a pound!), produce stores, butchers and more. If I lived nearby, I would get all my groceries there.

Before I left I had a great lunch at one of the many restaurants (every ethnic cuisine you can think of, but I chose a fresh hot turkey sandwich with homemade mashed potatoes) and had a pumpkin ice cream cone at Bassetts, which is a famous, old ice cream brand that has been in the same family for generations.

The Reading Terminal Market is definitely worth the trip!!