Wow–that poll was fun! Looks like most people love stuffing!

Today let’s try something else new! I’ve got a great cookbook to give away to one lucky reader.

Simply leave a comment with your suggestion for how I can improve my blog or things you’d like me to write about.

In one week, next Wednesday night, I’ll use to pick a winner. (If you’re ever running a raffle or contest, that’s a great service to use, to keep things totally fair!)

If you don’t know me personally, make sure to leave me an e-mail or some other way to contact you, so I can  find out how you want me to get your prize to you.

I can’t wait to hear all your ideas!

Good Luck!!



6 thoughts on “WIN A BOOK!!

  1. Kathy from EEA

    Eve, great job on your blog. It’s hard to believe that you’re only 11! I think it would be helpful to those us who are not natural born cooks (as you clearly are) to see pictures of the process, not just the finished product. I recently made a salted caramel sauce (YUM!) and the blogger had posted picture of each step along the way (e.g., the sugar mid-caramelizing, when it was kind of lumpy; had I not had the benefit of the photo, I would have been scared me that I was doing something wrong). I bet it’s hard to cook and take photos at the same time, but maybe your parents or siblings could help out. Keep up the good work!

  2. Karen Duda

    blog suggestion: more simple recipes we can make with easy-to-find ingredients. With pictures, of course. One-dish meals are the best!

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