Let’s Make Like A Banana And Split!

Now–for the moment you’ve all been waiting for–how to make a banana split that’s big enough to split!

Cut a banana in halk lengthwise. Put a half on either side of a long dish.

Scoop your ice cream between the banana halves: a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of strawberry.

Now for the toppings! The classic combo is hot fudge on the vanilla, marshmallow on the chocolate, and pineapple on the strawberry.

Use lots of whipped cream! Sprinkle on the jimmies or crushed nuts or both! A cherry on the top!

Dig in and enjoy!

Have sweet dreams over the weekend. I’ll be announcing the contest winner on Monday!

One thought on “Let’s Make Like A Banana And Split!

  1. Karen Duda

    I never knew the traditional toppings for each flavor ice cream. I’ll definitely have to try a banana split over the summer.

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