Back and Better Than Ever

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be gone so long, but I’ve been pretty busy!

It was my cat Jake’s birthday, and I made some great cupcakes to celebrate.

Another big project was my model of the ocean floor for science class. I made it out of cake and sprinkled the whole thing with graham cracker crumbs to mimic sand. It looked great and I got a 100 on it! Thanks, Ms. Lindsay!!

I also helped my mother with a dinner party, and we made salmon en croute, which had puff pastry and Boursin cheese. It was delicious and so easy! Just spread a salmon filet with the creamy boursin cheese, sprinkle on some fresh spinach leaves, and wrap the whole thing up in a sheet of puff pastry dough. (We used Peppridge Farm.) I cut some hearts out of the extra dough and decorated the top. (A fish would have been cute, but we didn’t have a fish-shaped cookie cutter.) Brush the top lightly with beaten egg and bake until the dough is golden. (It took about 20 minutes–long enough for the fish to cook nicely.)

Beginning on Monday, it’s going to be Eve in the Kitchen’s Week of Pie! A different pie recipe every day and just MAYBE, I’ll have another fun contest, so stay tuned!

Did you ever have one of those days

where you’re hungry and there’s not much in the kitchen?

That happened to me the other day! Luckily, I found a jar of peanut butterAND a jar of Nutella. Either one would have made an OK sandwich, but I decided to use both, and guess what–it was delicious!

A new year and a new contest!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season full of wonderful things to eat!

One of my best holiday surprises is that I heard from cookbook author Sharon Bowers!! She not only wrote me, but she sent me a gift of cookbooks, and I’m going to share the love with my readers, which means I have cookbooks up for grabs!

To enter the random drawing, simply enter a comment below describing your favorite Valentine’s Day treat or recipe–it’s coming up pretty soon, you know!

A poll

I wanted to thank everyone who has subscribed recently. I’ve seen some fellow WordPress bloggers and also someone with an address from Whole Foods, which is a great market!

My readers are so important to me and I love to get your feedback!

Let’s try a poll!

Aren’t you glad you don’t really have to choose just one!

Awesome Pasta!

My friend Isaac’s mom is a great cook. She made us a great pasta dinner one night. Here’s her recipe.

1 pound wagon wheel pasta or your other favorite shape, cooked

one bag of  frozen corn, cooked (If it’s summer, you can cut some fresh off the cob instead!)

4 – 6 cloves of garlic, sliced

1 box of grape tomatoes, halved, or cherry tomatoes, quartered

about 10 leaves fresh basil,  sliced thinly

1 lb. fresh mozzarella, cubed

¼ cup or so of your favorite olive oil

Salt and Pepper

While cooking pasta, heat olive oil and garlic until garlic is brown but not burnt.  Poor over tomatoes and corn in a very large bowl.  Once pasta is done and drained, add to tomatoes and corn , add salt and pepper to taste and toss.  Then add cheese and toss again.. Right before serving, sprinkle basil on top and toss again.  Can be served  warm and cold leftovers are very good, too.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog and my first post!

I can’t wait to start sharing recipes and cookings tips with you, showing you some of my favorite cooking videos, and getting your ideas and thoughts.

Please visit often!