Witch’s Hat Treat

Welcome one and all to my celebration of ghosts and goblins! Here’s a chilly treat to enjoy! (Thanks once again to the creative Sharon Bowers!)

Witch’s Hat Cones

Pistachio or green mint-chocolate-chip ice cream

Candy corn

Chocolate chips

Red or black licorice whips

Pointy suger cones

1. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper and place rounded scoops of ice cream on it. Freeze until firm, at least one hour.

2. Allow  each person to decorate a scoop with licorice-whip hair, candy-corn nose, and chocolate-chip eyes. Top with a cone to mimic a hat. Enjoy!

Come Into My Web

The Halloween Countdown continues with another great recipe inspired by the book Ghoulish Goodies!


6 ounces of chocolate chips

2 cups crunchy, thin chow mein noodles

Cinnamon red hots OR mini red M&Ms

1. Line 2 baking sheets with waxed paper

2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave. (If you need instructions, scroll down to the recipe for Swamp Creature Toes.)

3. Stir the crunchy noodles into the chocolate and drop tablespoons of the mixture onto the waxed paper. Use a toothpick to coax out a few noodles on each  to mimic legs.

4. Press in 2 red hots or mini M&Ms for eyes.

5. Chill and enjoy. These are addictive!


A Halloween Cookbook Review

In this edition of my Halloween Countdown, I want to take the opportunity to recommend one of the best Halloween cookbooks you can own: Ghoulish Goodies, by Sharon Bowers.

It celebrates the true creepiness of the holiday and has inspired many of the recipes that are posted here and that I’ve served at Halloween parties over the years.

There are plently of sweets, like Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Fudge and Carmel Apples, but also some savory treats like “Cheddar Eyeballs,” which is a buttery, flaky appetizer that is so good I make it all year round.

Sharon Bowers is also the author of a book called Candy Construction, in which she describes dozens of objects you can build using–you guessed it–candy! She is so creative and talented, you should definitely get one or both of her books!