Food Network Magazine Review

Hi.  I’m here to tell you all about the cool stuff in my new issue of Food Network Magazine that just came this weekend.

There’s an article about how to make homemade Pop Tarts that I can’t wait to try.

There was also a feature explaining what items were the biggest bargain at those salad bars where you pay by the pound. It’s actually cheaper to get things like grilled chicken and blue cheese that way. But watch out for garbanzo beans and cucumbers. You pay a big premium for those.

If you are over 18 you can also enter a “Design Your Own Food Truck” contest sponsored by Food Network. My mom entered a truck called “Let’s Get Rollin'” that would serve all kinds of international variations on Chinese egg rolls. (She got that idea from my brother, back when he was thinking about different jobs he might want. He decided to join the circus though instead. If she wins she will have to split the prize with him.)

What cooking magazines do you guys read?

2 thoughts on “Food Network Magazine Review

  1. Myra Hushansky

    my only cooking magazine is yours! and I d remember that your brother wrote a cooking articles for a magazine, I think it was scholastic. What a great idea for a food truck for egg rolls. Your mom is one smart woman– what a great family!

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